Power-Packer offers innovative hydraulic position and motion control systems for custom applications in a variety of demanding industries and critical applications where failure simply isn’t an option.

Every day, Power-Packer helps its customers — and their customers — work smarter, safer, and more efficiently with flexible, customized solutions that optimize operational stability and productivity. The company engineers and manufactures a robust and innovative line of hydraulic position and motion control products that have become the gold standard in excellence for tilting, latching, leveling, lifting, and stabilizing systems used in many of today’s most demanding markets. A majority of Power-Packer hydraulic components and systems are custom designed to meet precision specifications.

Power-Packer serves customers throughout the world, including OEMs and Tier 1s in diverse end-markets. To best meet the needs of a global customer base, company headquarters are strategically located in the United States and The Netherlands, with support from manufacturing plants in the U.S., The Netherlands, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, China and India. Power-Packer also includes YVEL, a manufacturer of latches located in France.

Markets Served

Key markets are:

  • Off-Highway – Underground drills, mobile all-terrain cranes, drill rigs, blasthole drills, rock crushers, agricultural machinery, and other types of off-highway equipment rely on Power-Packer’s hydraulic stabilization systems.
  • On-Highway – Power-Packer supplies hydraulic components for commercial vehicles, including work trucks, semi-trailers, buses, fire and rescue vehicles, delivery and waste trucks, and other cab over engine vehicles.
  • Automotive – In the automotive industry, Power-Packer hydraulic solutions are used in a variety of applications, including convertible roof top actuation, ride height, leveling, and body panel actuation for trunk lids, doors, hoods, and spoilers.
  • Military – The military and other critical markets trust Power-Packer’s specialized products and systems, including cab cylinders, latches and pump designs, gasoline and diesel hydraulic power units, and hydraulic flow control valves.
  • Medical – Leading global OEMs of hospital beds, patient trolleys, shower chairs, physiotherapy tables, operating tables, scanner tables, treatment tables, ambulance stretchers, and gurneys choose Power-Packer hydraulic medical actuators.

Industry-Leading Products

Hydraulic Cab Tilt

With an extensive range of cab tilt cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic latches and hood assist units, Power-Packer engineers can design a cab tilting system that is perfectly matched to an application. Often used with cab tilt systems, the company’s versatile line of specialty hydraulic cylinders is also ideal for other applications.

Hydraulic Stabilization Legs and Outriggers

From heavy-duty on- or off-road equipment to lighter-duty work trucks, Power-Packer hydraulic motion control and stabilization systems offer superior performance and a wide range of features, capabilities, bore sizes, load ratings, and stroke lengths.

Automotive Actuation

Power-Packer automotive products solve space, weight, noise, and efficiency challenges in today’s vehicles. Built to last with no maintenance needed, the company’s hydraulic systems meet the stringent quality standards of automakers around the world. Designed for single and multiple movements, Power-Packer solutions are custom engineered for each unique application. 

Hydraulic Landing Gear

Power-Packer hydraulic-powered landing gear easily levels a trailer with the dock allowing customers to load, unload, and move trailers with ease and efficiency. Landing gear can be custom designed as a front- or rear-mounted system.

Medical Actuation

Power-Packer offers long-lasting, self-contained hydraulic actuators for patient handling, whether or not electrical power is available. Customers can choose from a wide range of options or let Power-Packer engineers design a custom solution.
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