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In a recent article shared by Reuters, the world learned of a new tractor-hailing technology initiative by Deere & Co. and Hello Tractor to help farmers prosper and increase food production in Africa, one of the poorest and least mechanized agricultural sectors in the world. In the accompanying video, a Weasler Engineering drive shaft connects the Agco baler to the Deere tractor. Read the story, watch the video, and learn more about this technology that allows farmers to summon their machines with the simple touch of a button here.

Weasler PTO Drive Shafts at Work“Our PTO drive shaft performs a critical function for the farmer in this story and for farmers around the world,” explained George Hansen, Weasler product line manager. “Short for power take-off, a PTO shaft efficiently transfers mechanical power between tractors and farm implements.” He said, “In this video, the Weasler CV, or constant velocity, shaft connects the red Agco baler to the Deere tractor.”

According to Hansen, CV drive shafts, are a unique type of shaft that allows for continual rotational velocity through a variable angle without a significant increase in friction or play. “Here, our shaft allows the tractor driver to easily maneuver the towed baler through irregular, off-highway terrain,” he noted. “In applications such as this, we work with both OEMs — in this case Agco Corp. and Deere & Co. — to configure an assembly that precisely meets the unique need.” Serving OEMs around the WorldWeasler has supplied both Deere and Agco for decades. In fact, Agco originated from Allis Chalmers, one of Weasler’s first customers when founded in 1951. Today, the company supplies most OEM leaders in the global ag industry, and offers the most comprehensive range of PTO drive shaft solutions in the world. “You can find our products and systems in use in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South Americas — pretty much anywhere there is a need to help farmers work smarter and better,” Hansen said. “Currently, we’re introducing a drive shaft in Brazil to unload augers for combine harvesters faster, so we can improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the harvest.”

Africa’s Agricultural Infrastructure

As noted in the Reuters article, a majority of African cropland is still cultivated by hand and yields are just half of the global average. Yet by 2050, the continent is expected to double in population reaching 2.4 billion people.

“Clearly, Africa will also need to double its food production,” Hansen said. “That why helping our customers promote smart, safe, sustainable farming remains our top priority.” He added, “We are actively engaged with the international agricultural engineering community through organizations such as the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and ISO, among others, leading efforts toward improved safety for farmers globally.” Learn more about farming efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa in this news article from the March/April 2020 issue of ASABE’s Resource publication. 

About Weasler Engineering Weasler Engineering is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of mechanical power transmission solutions for all varieties of agricultural machinery. Farming, lawn and turf, construction, industrial, and marine OEMs worldwide look to us for innovative and dependable drive train systems and components. We also offer a full aftermarket program to a worldwide network of distributors and agents. Weasler Engineering is a CentroMotion company. 

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