AGRITECHNICA 2023 Showcases CrossControl, maximatecc and Weasler - CentroMotion

The world’s largest exhibition for technology in agriculture, AGRITECHNICA 2023 received over 450,000 visitors from over 140 countries, the focus of this year’s show was Green Efficiency and Agriculture 4.0, two areas in which our products help customers realize significant gain as we work to help build, move and feed the world.

In a crisp blue and white themed booth in the center of hall 15 Weasler showcased their decades of industry experience in delivering power transfer. Products featured included: Weasler’s patented drive shafts showcasing the diverse range of design options, including telescoping, high speed and double telescoping variants, Torque limiters that are focused on precision design, with clutches that offer unparalleled implement overload protection to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, and Constant Velocity Joints which allows smooth machine operation through a broad range of motion.

The patented 50° and 80° Constant Velocity Joints provide hardened ball and socket connections, integral bridge yokes and telescoping shafts to adjust for machine variations. The broad portfolio on show is engineered to meet industry requirements and keep farmers in the field and not the garage.

Across the aisle CrossControl and maximatecc shared a booth where they presented key products, concepts, and solutions for instrumentation and Human-Machine Interaction.
maximatecc showcased the maxAI series, introducing the maxAI 700 to the Agricultural market for the first time. The displays, shown in sizes from 1.3”-7”, offer a lean solution for dashboard instrumentation.

The show also presented the opportunity to share maximatecc’s support for TouchGFX and Qt for MCUs. Qt is a leading cross platform software toolchain for creating graphical applications for computers, phones and displays, offering customers a lean solution for delivering information to operators and reusing software applications across the customer’s entire range of machines.

CrossControl showcased their entire range of display computers, including newly released 5”, 7” and 12” models. CrossControl is already a supplier of precision agriculture system terminals.

At the show, CrossControl promoted itself as a terminal platform provider, augmented by the collaboration with smart agriculture system supplier partners. CrossControl has a strong market differentiator in its open and modular software platform. This supports customers in developing their specific applications in a lean way. In Hannover CrossControl demonstrated how its software platform can enable advanced vision system capabilities like Object Detection and 360° camera applications as well as short system boot times to help make equipment available for operation.